Submit a Design

Interested in earning some weekend cash? Submit your design.

10% of all sales of your specific graphic will be paid to you monthly for as long as we showcase your design on the site. We come from the fashion and design space and understand the importance of quality, fit and finish. Your graphic will be printed using the best blanks in the business, printing with both waterbase and discharge inks.

How to submit your design.

We, like you, want to enjoy our weekends and not be frustrated by poorly submitted artwork. For a fool-proof and fun time, your artwork must adhere to these guidelines for consideration.

ARTWORK: Although weekends can sometimes get dirty, please keep your design clean. Your artwork will be rejected if it contains any offensive content, copyrighted material or it just doesn’t pass our filter.

Use flat colors as much as possible. Artwork with gradients, shadows, or glows are much more difficult to print and will have less of a chance for final approval.

Download TeeSubmission Template  PSD and use that to create your submission.

FILE TYPE: Vector files usually work best, 600 dpi raster images a distant second.

PRINTABLE AREA: 11" wide by 14" tall to work with for the t-shirt front or back.

COLORS: Make sure all your colors are easily separable... on separate layers, or in separate groups.

We're allowing printing in two locations, front and or back. Keep your main print location (front) to four (4) colors or fewer. Keep your secondary print location (back) to two colors or fewer. Yes, black and white count as colors.

If you have something non-standard in mind—metallic ink or foil prints, glow-in-the-dark, split fountain gradients, etc., contact us directly and we’ll see what we can do.